Do you believe in Astrology?

What is it with the Libran Male and I?
I never used to believe all that weekly spiel about Scorpio (my sign) .
I thought it was a lot of mumbo jumbo, but , over the years I have changed my views somewhat.
First hubby was a Libran. I read the stars, and they told me that it was not a good match. What do they know, I thought to myself. This guy is my dream man, he has it all, there is nothing about him that could possibly annoy me, let alone make the union fail.
There was everything about him that annoyed me, he was rude, he was arrogant, he was a bully, and worst of all , he was a philanderer.
Two children and 10 years later I had had enough.
Life had to be better if I was in my own.
I travelled far and wide, met lots of people, and ultimately fell in love again..
This time, he really was the man of my dreams. Tall, dark, good looking, fun, in fact perfect…
I didn’t even think twice about marrying him, even though he was a Libran.
I checked the stars to see if they had changed their predictions on the Scorpio/Libra union. Nope, they still said it wouldn’t work.
What do they know, I thought once again.
Well, the stars won out again. This one was twice as bad as the first. He was arrogant, rude, a bully, a philanderer and worst of all a psychopath.
Three children and 6 years later I had to flee for my life and the life of the children… Close call that time. We escaped by the skin of our teeth and spent many a year looking over our shoulders.
Time went by, the kids became wonderful adults, and not a Libran amongst them.
I went on a trip to Florida , to stay a while with a girlfriend.
Whilst there I met her cousin, recently widowed.
We got along like a house on fire, the cousin and I. We had such a good time, he was keen to take it further, but I had to ask the question, what star sign are you?
Oh No!!
A Libran.
My heart was trying to rule my head, it was a battle, I looked up the stars compatibility chart again.
It hadn’t changed, it still said no.
What to do, what to do.
I knew what to do, I had learnt my lesson, it just could not be.
I am sorry, I told him. My star sign is not compatible with yours.
He, of course, thought I was crazy. But I stuck to my guns, I didn’t give in. I was proud of myself.
To date I have yet to meet a compatible partner. I know my stars say a Pisces or a Cancer male are ideal for me, but where are they?
All I seem to meet is Librans.
It is kind of like a 30 year curse.

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