Where do you keep your watermelon?

Where do you Keep Your Watermelon….?
A story of chat by emoticon and innuendo…
Recently I commented on an
article online. The article was about losing ones libido.
The comment I made was that I had not lost mine, but was finding it difficult to meet a male over 60 who hadn’t lost theirs, and who thought along the same lines as I do.
A few days later, I received a message from a gentleman who was more or less in the same boat as I was.. the only difference, he was finding it difficult to meet a like minded female.
Thus began a weird and wonderful series of flirtatious chatting….(texting or is it sexting?)
I agreed that I was a little flirtatious but drew the line at downright filth and crudeness..
Let’s give it a go and see what happens I thought..
Well, the conversations flowed, (as much as they could by texting). Emoticons are a marvellous invention, one can speak a thousand words…
Take a watermelon for instance….. it can conjure up numerous scenarios… Especially when an emoticon with a tongue sticking out appears in the chat window….
As he said,” Watermelon is not just a Food….”
One chat consisted solely on emoticons, or stickers as they are called…..
A cup of coffee, a cake and a smiley face……as well as a lot of other little stickers… suggestive? Yes, some were , but all made for fun , and got the old brain thinking.
I found myself laughing and smiling more than I had in years… This had to be good for the soul.
Heck, I was even singing when I went about my daily chores…
Another chat was started by an emoticon of a fox taking a shower. Something so simple took me too places I hadn’t been for years…
I don’t think he had been there either…
There are millions of those little suckers out there, emoticons I mean…
They are fun, they are harmless, I am sure some of you readers will think I am right out of my tree, but that doesn’t matter to me, I am who I am, and make no excuses.. I am unique….
I say, get adventurous, if you have a partner , or husband, and things are a little stale. Find your watermelon and let go of all your hang ups, you never know where it may take you….
This bloke has a sense of adventure, and a sense of humour, a rare combination in most over 60 males….
We don’t always have flirty chats, sometimes we just chat about everyday types of things.
It is a good mix…
Who would have thought one small comment would take me to such heights…..

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