my greatest fear


My greatest fear is SPIDERS!!!

Spiders seem to know I fear them. They are always lurking somewhere , just waiting to pounce.

The first time I became aware of my fear was when I was about 10 years old. My bed was under some louvre windows. I awoke one moonlit night , reached up for my glass of water, and put my hand on a monster. Thus began my fear .

Today I encountered another of the creepy monsters. I had to go to the toilet, I was just about to be seated and spied some very suspicious hairy legs peeking out from behind the toilet roll.

Arrhhhh . Out I went, screaming to myself, ( no one about to hear me.)

I hurriedly found the insect spray and ventured close enough to fill the small room with fumes.

That should do it, I thought. A foolish thought though, these creatures seem to thrive on the stuff.

I waited about an hour before venturing into the small room once more. I just had to go, couldn’t hold on any longer.

There was no sign of the beast so I relaxed a little. Now to wash my hands, I did so and then picked up the towel to dry them. OMG. I grabbed the spider, he was a little drunk from the spray but still alive. Another scream, towel dropped and now I sweating in fear even though it was only 10C out there.

This time I got the broom and dealt with it. I am sure I will have nightmares tonight.

Spiders and I have a long history. One other time, I was driving along the road only to notice a slight movement beside my arm. I knew what it was, without looking closer. In a semi frozen state, and holding my breath (although I don’t know what that achieved), I pulled over to the side of the road and leapt out.

It was then I looked back onto the seat where I had just been sitting and saw the biggest hairiest spider ever. My heart was thumping and I was sweating, I had to pull over an oncoming car and ask for help.

Luckily the gentleman was not afraid and he swiftly removed the thing. He had a weird sort of grin on his face. Probably made his day seeing someone so scared. I was so grateful.

My daughter loves spiders and always told me they were harmless. I proved her wrong though, I was bitten by a redback a few years ago, I have never known such pain. I was extremely ill and spent a few days in hospital.

That redback had been lurking , unseen as well.

It was in my shirt, it must have been in there all day, and waited patiently until evening to actually bite me.

Even now, some of my children delight in wrapping a plastic spider in gifts they give me.

I am always very cautious about unwrapping these gifts.

I am seriously thinking of being desensitised against those horrible things. I know they have a place in this world, although I fail to see why.



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