Can Woman ever work out how man thinks, or would she want to?

Can a Woman ever work out how a Man thinks..
Or would she want too…
I was inspired to write this little piece after recent events in which I was involved..
I have been caring for a friends’ dogs for quite a while. A male friend I might add.
There is a male and a female dog. I noticed the female had come into season and so locked her away so as she would not get in pup. Mere male did not want her to have pups, but at the same time, was a bit reluctant to have her desexed.
All was going well. Both dogs happily separated and no problems at all.
I had to go to Melbourne for the weekend and gave mere male instructions on keeping the dogs separated.
All good he said, that sounds easy enough.
Off I went, happy in the knowledge that I would not be left caring for numerous puppies in months to come.
How wrong this was to be…
I duly returned from Melbourne, all refreshed and ready to tackle the daily grind once more.
Mere male was looking very sheepish when I next saw him.
How did the dogs go, I asked. Oh, he replied, I think we are going to have puppies.
How did that happen, I was curious to know…
Well, I let them out for a run together, I didn’t think anything would happen if I was there he said.
I mean, how dumb can one be… Dogs don’t mind an audience.
Don’t expect me to look after the puppies I told him.
No , I will be right with that he replied.
63 days later whelping time was here. Because I am a caring person I sat with her while she whelped. Mere male couldn’t stomach the whelping procedure.
First pup born without any problem, second ok, maybe she will have about 5 pups I thought ,as I sat with her.
By morning there were 12 of the little wrigglers…
Time to hand over to their owner , I thought.
Oh he thought they were cute, but did not realise that now Mum had to eat about 5 kilograms of food a day to keep up to the feeding of the litter.
I need more money for food I told him, what are you doing with it all, a dog couldn’t possibly cost that much he complained..
Just wait until you have to feed the puppies too I told him.
Mother dog did not want the puppies, she would not feed them or clean them up.
Needless to say I was left in charge of all feeding, cleaning up and making sure all were ok. It was just too much for a poor bloke to cope with.
The puppies are cute, but oh how I need a holiday. I am worn out.
I am now in the process of selling the puppies. I told mere male I would be keeping any money I get for them . He didn’t complain about that. First thing will be a trip to the vet with Mum and Dad, they are both going to lose their reproductive organs if they are to stay with me.
I tallied my costs.
$420 for vaccinations, $85 a week for 8 weeks for extra food for puppies, Unknown amount for time spent on caring for the dear little things, and oh yes Costs for taking some of them to new homes in Melbourne. Oops I forgot, $65 each for microchips…
I might break even perhaps….

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