I must be a sucker

I must have a sign on my head that says Sucker.
Just recently, at the age of 55, I have finally realised that I am destined to forever, be without a partner.
So many times I have met seemingly eligible men and it has always turned out to be a wrong in so many ways.
I don’t go out looking for male company, it just seems to find me. It is like I have a neon sign on my head that says “come lead me on, I am a sucker, I am gullible”
Last attempt, just recently, a male contacted me through this site. He seemed to be a gentleman, said all the right things.
I was close to setting up a meeting. He assured me he was alone, not involved with anyone else, texted me about 20 times a day, telling me all the things a woman likes to hear.
Golly, I thought, maybe my luck has changed.
He was even a different star sign to what I had normally encountered.
We chatted about all manner of things, got a long like the proverbial house on fire.
He seemed a gentle soul, we liked many of the same things, he did community work, always a good sign I thought.
Must have a kind heart I also thought.
Maybe I think too much. Maybe I imagine things are just hunkydory. So many maybes.
Time flew by, I was getting keen to meet, he was as well, or so he said.
I thought at least we could be good friends, even if nothing else became of it. Always good to have friends, one can never have too many of them.
I asked a few questions, like, have you met many women online. He answered no.
Assured me I was the only one. Alarms started ringing in my head.
The only one!
Where had I heard that before?
Oh yes, the last one, and the one before, as well as the one before that.
Surely, I thought, a man could not only have one friend. That didn’t sound right to me.
I mean , I have many friends with whom I chat and text. I even go out to social occasions with male friends. I travel all over Australia with a male companion.
I don’t pretend to be the one and only of anyone. It doesn’t mean I sleep with any of my male friends. It doesn’t mean I have sexual relations with them either.
I firmly believe in platonic relationships. Platonic relationships are great.
I am quite willing to be that one and only though, if I jell with someone special.
Why is it that men always have to pretend. Why can’t they be up front and honest about everything.
Why, indeed you may ask.
Well, I think it is just because they are men. It seems to be built into their brains to be deceitful.
I know there are exceptions to the rule in anything, so please all you men who read this , do not be offended.
Suffice to say, my latest contact turned out to be sending suggestive messages to a good friend of mine, who incidently, is a happily married woman. She told him she wasn’t interested but he persisted, she had to block him in the end.
When I queried him about this, he told me that she, had contacted him and made suggestions.
All I could say was, be careful who you chat with, you never know who their friends with.
And, be honest, there is no need to lie, no one, especially me, likes a liar. I am happy if men have women friends, it shows they are normal.
My friend and I had a bit of a laugh about it and deleted him from our lives.

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