July is the month I head north. It is the month I leave the southern coldness behind.
I should make every month July.
The mornings of late have been cold, damp and miserable. I do not like the cold.
I am a warm weather person.
The cold seems to turn me into some kind of hibernating monster. I just cannot function with any normality.
It is as though everything freezes over, especially the brain.
Oh how I would love to move to a warmer place. I keep asking myself why I do not do this.
There is never a clear answer.
Last week I did make some progress though. I joined a house sitting site and put my name down as a potential house sitter , for those wanting their home and pets cared, for whilst they went on holidays.
I am good at caring for pets and other peoples homes. I take pride in keeping a place nice and tidy.
I take pride in making the pets feel loved, so they will not fret for their owners.
I think I would make a great house sitter. I have experience, years of it. I have house sat for family on many occasions. They never had any complaints.
This might be the first step to a permanent move up North.
It could be the push I need to do a runner from this unbearable cold.
Hopefully it will make me see that it is not too hard to relocate.
I have lived in dozens of places during my adult life, but have been bogged down here in cold old Victoria for over 25 years.
It must be time for change.
Maybe the arthritis would settle down if it were a bit warmer. I would probably be more active as well because I wouldn’t need to put on so much clothing that I could hardly move.
There are so many positives about moving. Not many negatives that I can see. In fact I cannot see any negatives.
Perhaps it is the thought of selling up and moving that is the problem. I am not sure.
A couple of months housesitting might give me the get up and go, to come back down here and sell everything.
Wipe the slate clean, so to speak and start completely afresh.
It sounds good in my mind, just load one suitcase into my car and go.
I think I can , I think I can.
I know I can.

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