My luck changed a few weeks ago, I, who had never won anything, not even a booby prize. I who had never scored any freebies, not even anything completely useless.
Thank you Emma, for giving me the chance to see Grease, the Musical.
I must have gone to the Post office three times a day, for a week at least, hoping the prized tickets would arrive. I just wanted to hold them in my hand, to be sure it was not a dream. At last, they arrived.
My excitement could be likened to that of a kid in a lolly shop being told he/she could have whatever they wanted.
The days were ticked off on the calender, the time seemed to drag, I had told my daughter of my good luck and naturally she would come with me to the show. Grease was her very favourite movie. I think she was just as excited as I was.
The next week I went out and bought 50’s style wigs and clothing to wear to the show.
The day arrived. Woo Hoo, up early to catch the train to Melbourne. A five hour trip, it seemed to take forever.
My daughter met me at the Station. We couldn’t stop talking about the show. I am sure people must have thought we were high on drugs.
There was still a few hours until we could go to the Regent theatre, so we decided to get changed into our outfits and go down to Chinatown and have our very favourite dumplings for dinner.. Oh how I love chinese dumplings, can’t get such things up in the sticks where I live. The staff in the restaurant were giving us strange looks, but it worried us not. We ate till our stomachs were bursting and then walked around to Collins Street to the Theatre.
There were people everywhere. As soon as we walked up the steps the press converged on us, taking photos with some of the cast. I guess they loved the old granny done up like a pink lady and the young chic looking very 50’s style.
Heck, we almost felt famous. Time to go in and partake of the free wine on offer.
There was no one else dressed like we were, but many people had 50’s style clothing on. Everyone was hyped up ready for the show.
We entered the theatre and took our places in seats that were very close to the stage, excellent seating, and right in front of us sat Patty Newton, her daughter Lauren and Laurens two children. I was tempted to ask for a photo but thought better of it. I am sure it would have spoilt their night if everyone had converged on them wanting photos.
Suddenly Bert Newton appeared on stage. He was playing the role of Vince Fontaine (the Brain) DJ. He joked with the crowd, sort of geeing everyone up, getting us in the party mood, as if we weren’t already.
He is good, old Bert, he certainly knows how to work an audience.
The show started, Val Lehman as Miss Lynch was great.
Danny was played by Rob Mills and Sandy by Gretel Scarlett.
The singing and dancing was fantastic. The T Birds, none of the actors were familiar to me, were darn good as were the Pink Ladies. Lucy Maunder who played Rizzo was great. Stephen Mahy as Keninckie, gosh, there are some talented people here in Australia.
Todd McKenney, love him or loathe him, what can I say Mr Teen Angel. You rocked. I have never been a Todd fan but have to give him credit, he can sing and dance wonderfully well.
In fact I think he was probably the most outstanding performer on the night, even though he only had a small role.
At the end of the show there was a much deserved , standing ovation.
Well done cast of grease the Musical. You certainly deserved it.
Thank you once again Emma, for giving me the chance to see this wonderful production.
I felt that all my Christmasses had come at once.

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