Grandma’s Buttons

This week I was sewing a little something for one of my grandaughters.
Almost finished, I realised I needed some buttons.

Darn it, I forgot to buy some.
It is a half hour trip into town so that was not an option.
Then I remembered, I had a large tin, full of buttons.

This tin I received when my Grandma passed away, over 35 years ago.
I was excited as I emptied the contents onto my work bench.

Wow, all those buttons.
All kinds of shapes and sizes.
Every colour one could imagine.
Literally thousands of them.

Some were positively tiny, of what use they would be I do not know.
So tiny in  fact that the eye of the needle used to sew it onto something appeared  to be huge.

Others had obviously been on steroids.
I mean to say, what on earth would one use a 3 inch across button for.

Where to start with this sorting.
Maybe just put them into colours for now.

Three hours later and there were eleven heaps.
Various shades of brown, greys, black, white, pinks, reds, blue, purple and green, orange and yellow.
My eyes were watering, and fingers numb from picking the slippery little buttons up.

Grandma obviously loved brown and pink. These were by far the biggest piles.
Followed closely by blue and yellow.Green came a sad last, only about a hundred green ones.

I must add that not many buttons were matching.  I needed five white ones but only two exactly the same in the pile of hundreds.
The same applied to the other colours.
How could anyone collect one of each?

What to do with them is a problem for me.
Usually I put more than one button on a shirt.
Maybe I can start a new trend with different sized buttons on the same garment.

As for sorting the sizes, well I think I might leave that for another time.
Maybe 30 years down the track.

If anyone wants any buttons, please contact me, I will gladly send them on.

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