Boarding School.

Boarding School in the early 1960’s was not a very nice place to be.
At least the one I was sent to was not nice.

To my mind, it was akin to being in a prison.
Being raised on a farm was a great life.
I loved it, free and easy, plenty of things to do  and no neighbours.

Until, my Mother in her wisdom decided all of us kids should be sent to boarding school.
There was nothing wrong with the local schools, they were good schools.
But, Mum was adamant. Boarding School would teach us girls how to become fine young ladies and the boys to be gentlemen.

What a joke that turned out to be.

The time came for me to go  to prison. (Oops, boarding school.)
I sulked, looked sad and hoped the headmistress would say the I was not a suitable candidate for this prestigious school.
No such luck.
I was accepted.

It was all downhill after that.
I absolutely hated the place.
We had to wear horrible brown uniforms, hats, gloves and awful brown shoes.

A lot of the girls who attended the school had been there since 1st grade primary school.
They reminded me of the sheep I had left behind on the farm.
They walked in  single file, as sheep do, said not much, hung their heads as if totally defeated.
I think they were totally defeated after being in that place for so many years.

I vowed I would never conform. I was a rebel. The system would not break my spirit.
The House Mistress at my first dormitory was a terrible old Dragon. She was mean and nasty to all but two of the girls.
These two could do no wrong. The rest of us hated them.
I made friends with a couple of other rebellious girls.

We hatched a plot to escape and go to the movies in town.
Easy I said. We can get out the kitchen door down under the dormitory
We left it unlocked so as to be able to get back in again.
After we climbed the outer wall, we ran freely down the street  to the theatre.

What luck.
Blue Hawaii starring Elvis was on.
What a great movie it was.
Some local lads were also at the movies and invited us to go for a walk i the park.
They were nice young fellas, well mannered and good fun.

We walked through the park, chatting and laughing. Next minute a Police Car approached.
One of the boys gave us his address and told us to use that if asked where we are from.

We duly give the police the address and of course they  take us “home”.
We thank them and sneak around the back of the house.
As soon as the Polics are out of sight, we make a run for the boarding house.
It is quite a way, like about 3 miles.

We make it and go to open the kitchen door.
Darn, it is locked.
The nightwatchman must have locked it.

What to do now.
We throw a rock up at one of the dormitory windows.
A girl wakes and looks out at us.
We convince her to go down and open the kitchen door.

After we were safely in our rooms , we swear her to secrecy.
Days went by and not a word spoken
We felt confident our escapade  we would not be found out.

However, a few days later our parents turned up.
They were furious at us girls.
We wondered how they found out.
When we fronted the Headmistress, with out parents in tow, we found out the girl who opened the door for us had told someone else.
That was all it took.

A jealous little thing who would no doubt have come with us if asked.

Oh well, things were not too bad.
We all received a 3 week suspension from school.
I was quite happy, in fact I would have liked a permanent suspension
but sadly I was sent back, for another 2 years.

I never did conform. In face I am still a quiet rebel.

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