Flu shot

I will not be getting the flu shot this year, or any other year.
My experiences with the flu shot are not really good.

First time was in 1964. I was at boarding school and the flu shot had just become a must have thing.
All of us girls lined up for the shot. I did not have any fear of needles but some of the girls did.
There was much crying and screaming from many, but I stood my ground , rather stoically I might add.

It was soon my turn and the Doctor looked like something out of a Frankenstein movie.
He loaded up this giant needle and took aim at my arm from about a foot away.
With gritted teeth he bore down on my poor arm, something akin to a crazed wasp going in for the sting.

I swear that needle almost went through to the other side of my arm.
It hurt, it more than hurt. It almost made me cry, but I held my tears in because I had called all the wimperers sooks.
I gritted my teeth for the rest of the day.
The pain was intense.
Of course there were the horrible girls who delighted in punching everyones arm. More pain.

That was not the worst of it though.
Oh no, it was not over yet.
The next day I came out in a severe rash. I lost my voicd. Not even a squeak would come out.
I was a bit like a fish out of water, gasping, no sound at all.

The first class of the day was a Math class. Not my favourite.
The teacher was a dragon like woman. She asked a question and many put their hands up to answer.
I did not, as I could not speak.
Of course she asked me the answer. I opened my mouth and not a sound came out.
She got mad, sent me to stand outside the classroom.
The Headmistress came by and berated me for being naughty.
Why was I there she asked?
Of course I could not answer, so she too told me what a rude disrespectful child I was.
All the time I was gaping, opening and closing my mouth but no sound coming out.
This lasted for three days.
It was not a pleasant time for me.

I vowed never to have another flu shot, ever.

Fast forward 40 years.
I was working as a cook in a childcare centre.
Flu shot were mandatory.
I duly lined up and had another shot.
The Doctor this time was quite pleasant and I barely felt the jab.
Next day , however, was a different story.
Severe rash all over and again no voice.

At least there was no teacher waiting to chastise me.
I had one of my kids call in to my work and tell them I was ill.

So that my friends was my last flu shot.
I will never ever try it again.
I have never had the flu either .

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