The Royal Wedding

So, the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Megan Markle is about to happen.

I am thoroughly sick and tired of hearing about it.

I am not a royalist, I do not give a fig about the royals.

Who wants to know all that stuff about them?
Who wants to know what they will drink, what she will wear, how many spoons of sugar she has or he has in their coffee?
That is if they drink coffee.
Who wants to know what she can eat and cannot eat after becoming a royal.

When they will  have babies, how long the marriage will last what colour sheets they have and how many times they fart in the course of the night.

Who also wants to know how many guests will attend the wedding.
Who the guests will be and if they have any criminal convictions or lovers on the side?
I mean to say who would want to know this?

I certainly don’t, but have no choice.
Unless I switch off every radio, TV and never buy a magazine or newspaper, then I have no choice but to hear or read all this garbage.

I certainly  am not interested in how many times they will kiss, make love, make war and change their clothes in any given day.
I do not want to know how many kids they are going to have, when they will have them and what they will call them.
No, I do not want to know.
It seems like  it is the only topic of conversation  at the moment.

Please just let this fiasco be over and let us get on withour lives again.

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