I almost did not make it to Beautiful.

Sunday, I awoke feeling excited because it was the day my daughter and I were going to Beautiful, the Carole King Musical.

As I am house sitting at Noosa right now, it meant a trip down to Brisbane to go to the show.

Old mate and I set off at 9.30am.

Plenty of time for the 1.5 hour trip to my daughters place at Sandgate.

Or so I thought.

All was going well, a short stop along the way to deliver a beanie to a woman with a very large head. ( another story)

Back on the Bruce highway and suddenly the traffic stops.

Kilometres of stopped traffic in front of and behind us.

I remembered it was the last day of school holidays, probably accounted for the huge amount of traffic, but not why the stoppage.

We inched along, 9 minutes to go 1 kilometre. At that rate it would be 6pm before we arrived in Brisbane.

The show would be well and truly over.

Another 2 hours passed and not even half way.

It was 12.30 by this time and old mate and I desperately needed a toilet stop.

Nothing to do but pull up at the next offramp. We did this, then went back to the by now slowish moving traffic.

At least it was moving, that was a good sign.

Just before Bribie Island , the cause of the stoppage became apparent. An accident, or rather, a crash.

A young bloke, going too fast clipped the bridge, flew through the air ,cut a tree in half and came to rest on the side of the road.

Miraculously he was unharmed.

After we went past the flashing lights of the emergency vehicles, the pace quickened somewhat.

At 1.30pm we arrived at my daughters place.

My daughter is a wonderful person, but not the most organised one.

She had a shower and we aimed to leave at 2pm.

It was 2.15 when we pulled out of her driveway. Only 29 minutes to QPac she said.

Plenty of time.

It seemed like forever, but at 2.50 we parked up under the Cultural Centre.

It is just up the stairs and across the bridge she said. Not far.

She lied!

She had parked in the wrong spot. We had to walk/ run past the museum, several other bildings, up and down stairs across the road.

Wait, could not across the road.

Quick, she said, the lift is there we will go up in it.


The lift was out of order. Up more stairs, hundreds of them this time.

I was almost passing out from the exertion of it all. Through the QPac doors. Quick, door 3.

30 seconds to lockout.

We made it.

Do you realise dear daughter that your Mother is 70 years of age and not used to such a workout?

But you did it Mum, she said. Now relax and enjoy the show.

And we did.

It was a terrific show. At interval I went and met Christine and her Mum. Another highlight of the day.

Thank you Calista for providing the tickets .


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