Harry and Megs Baby….

I did not give a fig about the royal wedding last year, and now I feel somewhat the same about the expected royal baby.

The media is on a frenzy about the impending birth. Who is going to get the first photo?

Who is going to be the first to know?

Obviously the couple themselves will be first to know, then The Queen and Granny and Pop.

There has been much hype about this baby, there was even talk of it before the wedding had been finalised.

Talk that fills the TV screens and every imaginable newspaper/magazine.

There is no escape, the radio blurts out news as well

There are millions of babies born each and every day. Why do we not have the same interest in them?

Some precious media folk are crying buckets at the latest theory .

That Megs will give birth at home.

Oh no!! Shock, horror.

How will they get that perfect first photo of the little darling.

There is even talk that the couple will not broadcast the news of the birth until weeks after the event.

This would surely give the waiting reporters the rats..

Some say that the home birth is because Megs is not even pregnant, that fat belly is actually a fake belly. No doubt hired from one of the film industries wardrobes. More than one fake belly would be required. The bellies would have to vary in size. That could cost a fair bit of money, the hire of all those bellies.

Come to think of it, she would have access to such things as she was an actress.

There is talk that a surrogate is carrying the royal bundle of joy.

They say that Megs does not want to spoil her figure. Could be some truth in it. Stranger things have happened.

People wonder also about what colour hair bubs may have.

Does it really matter?

Is the Monarchy going to cease if another blood nut is born into it?

I think not.

And the sex of the baby!

Maybe it will be gender neutral. Maybe if will be a “baby” of unknown sexuality.

That would be interesting.

That brings us to the name. One could not call a genderless baby Diana or Arthur, no, they could not.

Possible names could be Leaf, Twig or even Grass. Now they are genderless names. Beat , Race,and Hip are others that could be considered.

We will just have to wait and see.

By all accounts, it could take a while.