Vegans have been in the news of late.

For all the wrong reasons.

It seems to me that the Vegan movement has lost all sense of sensibility.

It has reached almost vigilante proportions. Illegally entering private properties, abusing and assaulting the land owners and trampling on good plants in the process. Bundling up unsuspecting livestock and cramming them into car boots. Yes that is very noble of you.Very kosher indeed.

Who’d of thunk!!

People who survive almost solely on a few blades of grass and a dose of fresh air, would have the energy to demonstrate their hatred of those who support and sustain our country .

These poor demented vegans are running amok, all over our land, and deliberately causing the farmers grief. Not to mention frightning poor animals.

They are somewhat akin to terrorists. Trying to push their far fetched ideas on normal people.

Trying to save the animals..

Well, Vegans, animals have been farmed for many years. Your parents would have eaten them, and probably still do.

Cave man was primarily a carnivore. It did him no harm and he did not go around spruiking his ideas on anyone.

Plants are living things as well. I know the humble lettuce has a heart, I was given that information by a Vegan. If lettuce has a heart, perhaps more veggies have a heart as well. I know for a fact that Artichokes have a heart.

Do you ever stop and wonder, whilst pulling up a carrot or a turnip, that you are in fact causing that plant to have a terrible death? How would you like to be pulled out by your roots, and eaten raw. Not a nice thought is it.

You need to get a life. Grow up and let others be.

Carnivores, and omnivores do not encroach on your land, destroying your precious leafy greens. They do not go around telling all and sundry what their eating preferences are.

Dear vegans…

You need to get a job. Start breeding bees and other insects that you claim to love . By eating all the plants and vegetables you have caused the poor insect population to go down by 40%. In Australia anyway. Especially Bees. Without Bees the world would be doomed. Other insects make up the ecological balance of life. You vegans are eating all their tucker. You are destroying their habitat and most of all, you are pissing everyone off.