The Full Monty

I see The Full Monty is coming back to our screens on Tuesday Night.

No offence to Shane Jacobsen, John Wood, Tod, Loti and others, but they have reached an age and size where keeping their clothes on would be a much better option than baring all.

Spare the vision of thousands of viewers please.

The younger blokes who are in are just show ponies looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Last night, whilst sitting around a campfire for a Caravan Park Happy Hour, I put the question out there to all the women present.

Is this a good thing, and is the message they claim to be pushing going to in any way have an impact on their husbands?

The answer was a resounding NO, but most of the women said they would watch it for the laughs they would get out of it.

Whoever thought of getting a bunch of (mostly old) blokes to strip off to bring attention to Prostate Cancer needs to take a good hard look at themselves.

It is TACKY.

I think it is all about ratings because while the TV channel concerned is promoting the show, not one word has been said about bringing awareness to Prostate Cancer.

They say, “you won’t believe who we have got for you this year”.

Has there been any proof of more men getting their prostates

checked because of this show?

I doubt it.

Would it be seen to be acceptable for a bunch of overweight wrinkly old women, stripped down and showing their boobs to advertise Breast Cancer awareness?

I think not, we advertise breast cancer awareness in a much classier way.

I cannot see how the Full Monty is going to encourage the average Joe to check his prostate.

The men at happy hour all agreed the show is for Tossers.

Why not create something that will stay within a man’s memory.

Blokes are different to women, they will ignore ignore ignore until their bodies are screaming at them and they can ignore no more.

A man and his phone and a man with and his car keys are rarely apart.

Why not create an epic reminder on his key ring or phone case.

Wives could buy these items for their nearest and dearest as sure as hell no man would buy them.

Advertise PC on coasters in pubs, that way the message may eventually sink in .

Men need all the help they can get to be made aware, but I doubt the Full Monty is going to be any help at all.

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