Birds of a feather

I was sitting out the back feeding some left over mince to the Magpies, Kookas and Butcher Birds and thought  that this could make a good blog.

The Magpies nest every spring in one of my gum trees. They do not attack me, but if a stranger comes along all hell breaks loose. The good old maggies are better than a savage dog in terms of guarding my home.

Kookas nest down in the forest, across the road from home. They come up each evening for a laugh and feed.

 The Butchers live in the tall gum trees surrounding my house. They wake me each morning with their beautiful songs. Whilst the butcher birds are somewhat aggressive to the little finches and wrens, I still love them for their beautiful voices.

Rosellas come in for a dip under the sprinkler. There are around seven or eight of them. Each year one pair  nest in a hollow brick on my shed wall. 

I do not feed the rosellas, but have many fruit trees where they help themselves .

There are two types of Rosella that visit, the Eastern Rosella and the Green Rosella. 

Grass parrots, Mallee Ringnecks and Budgies also fly in.

The magpies  love to have a bath and happily bathe under the sprinkler alongside the rosellas.

The butcher birds whilst quite aggressive towards the little wrens and finches 

 back off very quickly at the sight of Nigel No Friends Bin Chicken.

All feathers quickly fly when Nigel No friends  comes into the yard looking for a feed.

I do not feed Nigel, but he eats up the little bugs who fly up out of the wet lawn. I can live with one Nigel, after all, he eats bugs.Any more would be too much to cope with as Ibis are messy birds.

Today I thought the magpies were well mannered,they came in, several at a time,and waited their turn for a feed..When one of their babies appeared and the parent bird attacked it.

I yelled..”.that’s your kid you nasty mother.” .It fluffed right up like it was going to sing…instead it pooped on the pavers and flew away.

The Kookaburras are super friendly. Some of them take the food from my hand. Others are a little more wary.

There are many feathered friends entertaining me each day. 

Little Blue Wrens sing loudly in the bushes outside my kitchen window. Blue Cheeked Honeyeaters suck the nectar from the bottlebrush and other native flowers and a pair of Pardalots make their nest in my raised garden bed.

Pigeons, Willy Wagtails and more also nest around my garden.

I get such joy in the company of all these birds. The world would be very quiet without them.

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