Dog friendly Motels, the search

The search for Dog friendly motels.

Years ago, there were no motels where one could take Fido the family pet.

On a recent trip from Victoria to Queensland I needed to find motels that were dog friendly. This proved to be quite a task, but eventually I had it sorted.

Usually I travel with a caravan so there is no need to worry about where to stop for the night.

Caravan Parks are usually pet friendly as long as one has ones’ own van, the pet is kept on a lead and the usual pick up the pets mess applies.  Not many Caravan Parks allow pets in their on site cabins, even if the pet has his own sleeping arrangement in the back of a ute. They do not trust that the person/s renting the cabin, will comply with the rules and keep the said pet outside.

I guess a small number of  cabin renters disobeyed the rules and spoilt it for those who do do the right thing.

Getting back to the Motel side of things now and my search started.

As I only travel 300 to 400 k’s a day it was difficult to find pet friendly accommodation in the towns I normally stay overnight in.

I googled pet friendly motels, then started my journey.

First stop was West Wyalong, NSW. Out of around 20 motels only one was pet friendly. It was also very cheap. Cheaper in fact than a Van Park Cabin. 

I wondered what it might be like. Would it be run down, dirty, or without air con? Time would tell. 

It was perfect!  A lovely old woman greeted me and told me she had already put the air conditioner on for me as it was 43C outside.

The room was lovely and clean. There was a nice rug for the dog to lay on and a bowl for his water.

The woman told me about a little grassy block.out the back where I could walk the dog.

First night was a success.

The next port of call was Coonabarabran NSW. This one was not so cheap but once again it had all the comforts required. A rug provided  for puppy to sleep on, dishes for his food and water and plenty of room to walk him.

Bonus was room service pizza at night. It was delicious.

Final overnighter was at Dalby, Qld.

A bargain price which included an all you can eat buffet for breakfast. The room was great. It had an awesome air con which was good because by now it was 45C. Dog and I lounged under the aircon all night.

Whilst the route I took added a few more kilometres of travelling to my journey, it was worth it, because of the excellent accommodation that was provided for the dog as well as myself.

I may well take another road back home and see what other Motels are providing for mans’ best friend.

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