Pie Maker Stuff

Stuff for your pie maker.

Just browsing the internet today and came across a new site/shop. 

Pie Maker Stuff, it is called. Why did I not think of doing something like this?

The person who started this site is heading towards millionairedom.

Anything with the word “piemaker”  is the go right now. 

The pie maker frenzy from last year is still in full swing.

I have to admit, I have made several things other than pies in my resurrected  35 year old pie maker.

This pie maker, the one which sat sadly in my back shed for more than 30 years, has been given a new life.

It has been given many tasks, quite different from the task it was originally bought to do.

It has performed admirably and never once has it let me down.

It may only have 2 pie wells, but that is sufficient for my needs as there is only 1 of me to cook for. 

Getting back to the Pie Stuff site though, on further examination I found that one can buy silicone spatulas, wire cooling racks, pastry cutters, dough hooks, silicone mats on which to sit your trusty pie maker,bamboo skewers to help remove the pie/ cake/scone/tart/quiche/pudding etc once it is cooked, recipe books, all things pie rolling pins of various sizes, containers in which to store your pies and left over pastry and oh, the list goes on. Thinking, who has left over pastry? I don’t, I eat any small bits raw, just like I did when I was a kid.

Maybe I am missing something, but pretty sure all these particular kitchen aids were available pre pie maker frenzy days. 

Put the word pie maker  in front of anything and you will be guaranteed a quick sale

. In fact, your products will be sold out in no time at all and people will be lamenting the fact that they have to wait months for the site to restock all these wonderful things.

Maybe a look in K Mart or any store that stocks kitchen aids would have the exact same things probably at a less expensive cost to boot.

Almost every store has pie makers now. All manner of pie makers. Sausage roll makers as well and ones that make diamond shaped pies.

The stores are smart though. They just get enough in to whet the appetite of the throngs of pie maker addicts. The stores sell out quickly and then take some months to replenish their stock. Very clever thinking, this way there will always be a demand.

No doubt the person who started the Stuff for Pies site is going to do very well financially.

I just wish I had thought of it before now.

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