At the ripe old age of 65 I have decided to start blogging.
I am not quite sure of how to do it, but as with anything in life, I will have a go.
My Dad taught me to always have a go. It was one of the best things he ever taught me and it has held me in good stead all my life.
I have been twice married, have five beautiful children and although life has thrown in a lot of curlies, I have survived thus far.
I am a Scorpio, and this means keeping secrets and being a little mysterious. It also means I have a deep sexual energy .
On the subject of men, well I have had a few attempts at the perfect relationship but have now decided that is a complete myth. There is no such thing!

I am happy for the most part, although sometimes miss not being able to share my world with a nice compatible gentleman.I have a good friend and companion, but that special something is missing.
I guess I am good at accepting the not quite all there type of relationship.

My children are my pride and joy and my greatest achievements. They have all become super adults, have not given me any grief, and are genuine loving people.

My childhood was anything but perfect. it had its ups and downs, but I survived.
Suffice to say, I am a survivor…. That’s it, I am. Against all odds..

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