What Pisses Me Off

MEN…. Or rather , the fact that most of them cannot be honest.

Before all you blokes get hot under the collar, I did say MOST, not ALL.

I have had many an online conversation, with men. One of the first things a man will tell me  is that he is unattached. That is before he even knows my marital status.

Why is it so important for a man to be seen as unattached?

Why cannot a man admit straight up ,that he has a partner, wife, mistress or whatever?

Why Why Why?

Is it because he is afraid a woman will not talk to him if he is attached?

Is it because his ego likes it better if he is unattached?

Why is it so?

Can a one of you blokes out there enlighten me please?

I like chatting with people of either sex. I do not care if they are in a relationship or not.

I like chatting about everyday types of things. Mundane things, interesting things ,current affairs, all manner of things.

I get along well with either sex in real life. Why does it have to be so different online?

I mean to say, when I chat with an unknown  a bloke at a pub or club, he does not immediately tell me his marital status. Why this rush to proclaim unattachment online?

The reason all this dishonesty annoys me is because I have had some really interesting  chats with men online. Over the years of chatting, I have come to enjoy some of the online conversations and at some stage have wanted to perhaps meet the other person. To hang out, maybe see a show or a cricket match, whatever he fancies. No strings attached.

At first the other person (man) will be really keen to meet. Plans will be put into place, only to be cancelled at the last moment.

Excuses like,

My elderly Mother had a fall, I cannot leave her.

Or, my poor dog has to have an operation, it was hit by a car.

Even stranger is,

I have been retired for 20 years but just had a call to go to Siberia  to do a job no one else can do. I would love to take you but only have one ticket.


Another good one is the Ex, (oh there is an Ex?) is coming to sort out a few things that were not sorted 10 years ago .

One bloke I was chatting with told me he was envious of my freedom to do whatever I wished to do.

I pointed out that he too could do this as he was unattached. He told me years ago this was the case.

The truth came out.

Well, it is not that simple he said. I have a partner!

Oh, you have a partner? Yes, but we do not get along so thought I did not need to mention this fact 5 years ago.

I lost all respect for this bloke right then and there. I was not looking for a soul mate, I was not after his money ( if indeed he had any), I was just looking to meet who I thought was a nice person, to add another friend to my list of friends  from around the country.Someone I could call in on for a cuppa or a chat whilst travelling in his area.

I have to admit that I was really pissed off . It was not the fact that he had a partner, it was because he lied. He lied for all those years.  Liars , I cannot tolerate. There is no need for it.

Be honest people!

Surely your lives are not so bad that you have to make up  crap just so a person will like you.





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