How to cope with a cheating husband or partner

Where do I begin.?

It is not the nicest feeling to learn that the love of your life obviously does not have the same feelings  .
Love, honour, loyaly and trust are strong words.
I had no qualms living by the rules ,but the ex did.
After several years of marriage things started to change.

Late nights at work.
This was never the case in the first few years of wedded bliss.

Muffled phone conversations.
No mobile phones back then.

Lots of phone calls where no one spoke if I answered.

I was very naive back in the day.
I was loyal and trustworthy so did not suspect my partner to be anything but that as well.

As time went on and more things happened, I started to suspect foul play.
Too many unexplained instances were occuring.

I asked him about it.
Why was this happening, who was that on the phone, the list goes on.
He avoided answering my questions.

I was turning into a nagging unhappy person.
I was looking for answers.

I found myself sneaking about, looking for him, hoping to discover the truth.
But did I really want to know?

Maybe it would be better to just pretend all was well and good.
After all, he still came home, he still provided handsomely and was a good Father to the kids.

I tried to turn a blind eye.
It worked for a while, but always at the back of my mind was the question.
Surely it would not be too difficult to find out.
But what would I do when I did find out?
Another dilemma.

It all seemed too difficult.
Out of the blue, he came to me and suggested we should try an “open” marriage.
The guilt must have been getting to him.

I was against this suggestion though.
I could see absolutely no benefit to me ,and all to him.

It would mean he could go out wooing anyone he wished and it would be ok because we had an open marriage.
Life just sucked at that particular time.
I thought it over. I shed many tears. I had sleepless nights.
I certainly did not want to go out with anyone else whilst married.
But, it could mean I would find out who the third person was.

I gathered all my strength and agreed to the open marriage suggestion.
Somehow a weight was lifted off my shoulders with this decision.
I hatched a plan for mine and the childrens future.

Go for it, I told him.
He was so happy.
He thought he was going to have his cake and eat it too.
Maybe he was for a short while.

I duly found out who his lover was.
She was a poor silly thing with not much idea  about anything.
She went about busily telling everyone that  she was his lover and that I was agreeable.
I drew the line when he wanted to invite her for dinner. At our home!

I made arrangements to meet her,  without him present.
I asked her what her plans were.
She told me he had promised to marry her.
What a sucker.

I told her he had several other girlfriends  that he had promised to marry as well.
I told her he invited them to come to our home. (lies)

I  asked why she had not been invited to come to our home, when all the others had come.  (more lies)
She broke down. She cried .

I did not feel bad for lying to her.

She vowed to never see him again.

My plan was done.
Revenge was had.
I left the next day with my head held high.

He contacted me, begged for another chance.
It will never happen again he said.

Too right it won’t.
I never went back.
My sanity returned and I realised life was much better without the cad.

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