The life of Boss

The life of Boss
Boss has travelled far and wide in his short life. He is a beautiful dog, I bred him myself and as I usually did with my puppies, I found him a good home. Boss went to Brisbane, all the way from Victoria. His new owners came and collected him and he travelled up in a Jeep. Yes folks, a Jeep. This was a good start I thought, nothing but the best for this pup.
All went well and I received regular updates on his well being. About 10 months after Boss had left me, I received a call asking if he could be returned. Why, I wondered, and asked.
Oh, Boss has learnt how to dig out and was causing the neighbours grief. No worries, bring him back I said. He came back and was no trouble at all to me. He did not try to dig out, he didn’t bark, he was perfect. The only trouble was, I already had his Mum and Dad and a sister of his. What to do. It was a hard decision but I advertised him free to a good home.
A nice young man from Mebourne called and was keen to have Boss. He sounded a nice young bloke and was willing to drive the five hours to collect him. Ok, come up tomorrow I told him. If Boss does not like you he will be staying here.
The young man came up the next day and Boss went straight to him. Tail wagging he almost licked him to death.
Off they went to Melbourne, Boss sitting up on the back seat, seatbelt attached of course. I was a little teary when he left, but thought it was for the best. Four dogs was far too many for me to feed and look after.
All went well , I received regular updates on Boss and how he was doing.
It only a few months after Boss left that I lost his Mum. She developed throat cancer and I had to have her put to sleep. It was a sad day for me. It is always sad when one loses a pet. She was just 5 years old. Too young to leave this world, but too ill to keep living. My heart bled tears for that dog. She was such a beautiful natured animal.
Life went on and I got over my loss. Then, tragedy struck again. Boss’s Dad succumbed to snake bite. I was starting to think I must have killed a chinaman by this stage. But, as before, life went on. I snakeproofed the whole area where Boss’s sister lived. Quite a lot of snakeproofing too, all 3 acres of it.
Fast forward now to this week. I received a phone call from the young man who had taken Boss. Is there any chance you can take Boss back he asked. It seems that Boss had discovered how to climb fences and was escaping from his yard.
Oh yes, please bring him back I said. The young man really loved that dog, he was well looked after but it was too dangerous to have him escaping in Melbourne. So Boss came home. He walked straight in as if he owned the place. He comandeered his sisters chair by the fire. He climbed up into it and looked at me with his big brown eyes. There was a cheeky glint in them. I am sure he knew exactly what he was doing when he started his life as Houdini. He knew it would bring him home to the place he really wanted to be. I now have two very happy dogs. Brother and sister. One thing for sure, Boss will not be going to any other home, ever!
Note, for anyone wondering, both dogs have been desexed so there is no chance of any puppies.

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